Ever thought about it? Though you are trying hard on life but actually because of our casual approach that we aren’t able to do much. You end up getting disappointed and carry on your normal life losing hope of fighting again.

Now take a glimpse of what all you have done other than what every common being does like getting a job, earning and other stuff. What have you worked upon so far? Were you able to achieve all that you had once thought of? Are you satisfied with what you have? No, would be the answer for many of us.

Now go in the past and think all your goals which you didn’t try to achieve and left them because of circumstances or you thought that they we tough to be achieved. Why didn’t you follow them again? You should not forget that the harder you fight, the greater is the victory.

Take a case where you have accomplished everything you wanted to. Does it now get some happening around? Do you now feel satisfied? Do you now think that your life contributed some how to the world? God didn’t give us this life to waste it, he has sent us for a reason.

We want to do a number of things but resist ourselves after getting the our first job or first goal. We stop after winning ‘a’ race knowing that we can still participate in another and more.

Be more dedicated to making solid achievement than in running after swift but synthetic happiness

We have 100 years to live or even less, why to go unnoticed? We are not just born to eat, earn a bit and die. We are here to bring a change. Never get satisfied with what you have, always push yourself for achieving more!!



13 thoughts on “What have you done so far?

  1. “the harder you fight, the greater is the victory” so true my friend ! very well…
    i think that we should not let “the connection gets lost!” and keep going with old dreams to make them come true …!

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