What have you done so far?

Ever thought about it? Though you are trying hard on life but actually because of our casual approach you aren’t able to do much. You end up getting disappointed and carry on your normal life losing hope of fighting again.

Now take a glimpse of what all you have done other than what every common being does like getting a job, earning and other stuff. What have you worked upon so far? Were you able to achieve all that you had once thought of? Are you satisfied with what you have? No, would be the answer for many of us.

Now go in the past and think all your goals which you didn’t try to achieve and left them because of circumstances or you thought that they we tough to be achieved. Why didn’t you follow them again? You should not forget that the harder you fight, the greater is the victory.

Take a case where you have accomplished everything you wanted to. Does it now bring a change in working of the world because of your achievement? Do you now feel satisfied? Do you now think that your life contributed some how to the world? God didn’t give us this life to waste it, he has sent us for a reason.

We want to do a number of things but resist ourselves after getting the our first job or first goal. We stop after winning ‘a’ race knowing that we can still participate in another race and more and more.

Be more dedicated to making solid achievement than in running after swift but synthetic happiness

We have 100 years to live or even less, why to go unnoticed? We are not just born to eat, earn a bit and die. We are here to bring a change. Never get satisfied with what you have, always push yourself for achieving more!!


World without money

‘Money’. The thing for which the whole sphere is running no matter what they lose or what they are doing. Most of the crimes, smuggling, drug rackets, contract killing and many more happen because of money. The hunger for money never ends once started.

So this one’s all about a bizarre thought popping into my mind. What if we remove money as a medium of exchange and there is no medium of exchange. We work for free, we do all transactions for free, we travel free. Everybody will have equal wealth, there would be no rich or poor. Nobody will think about future life and take stress. Will work without pressure, more creative works may come up.

There would be a good atmosphere. But then I had to giveup on this thought as this is not possible. It has lots of drawbacks and even you guys reading it know that it’s a bad idea and it won’t happen.

But give it a moment once, I know this will never happen but maybe you will love travelling and spending enormous amount while thinking of a situation if it was possible.


Connection getting lost

There are about 7 billion people in this world, but still we try and find other sources to pass our time with. We get involved with technology particularly, and stop connecting with people who made these gadgets. Why? 

God made humans to live together, not to compete but to complete this world.

 Racism. Is it actually a problem? I couldn’t think of it until I read it in my school book(South Africa, Nelson Mandela…). It’s hard to believe that people discriminate on the basis of race or colour. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

Ever thought about visiting the poor outside? Just for a small talk. Try this once if it doesn’t harm your ‘dignity’. It won’t get you something but it will make them feel some kind of attachment and respect is what we get back. Stop hating poor and respect everybody disregarding their wealth.

No job is small, a peon or a manager are both the same, it just their post. Then why is it seen that peons are not greeted everyday but a person with a bigger post is?

Why am I blogging? Not just to share my views but to connect with rest of us, read how other see this complicated sphere. Read other blogger’s viewpoint and then commenting on their blog to show that I loved it and would like to read more.

Respect everybody, spread love and start connect to this erratic sphere. Now, I guess you all better understand what my point is.



Hey guys! This is actually my first blog so don’t expect it to be a good one. I’ll straight away START my journey. Starting with any piece of work needs a lot of courage, hard work, dedication and all sort of stuff. But needs a small mistake to get it all destroyed. You will face a lot of problems when you start a new business or whatever, which for me currently is my ‘blog’.You’ll face criticisms in the beginning but that’s what its all ’bout. You can’t get expert in any sort of work till the time you don’t start learning it. You can’t succeed without undergoing failure and there’s no success without failure. Going through the criticism is the best way to improve yourself. They will end up making you even more stronger.

All you need is a start. Getting inspired by someone and following him/her gives a boast to our dreams. They makes us follow our goals which we once thought we can’t achieve. It doesn’t mean that you always look up for a legend or a big personality to get yourself started, if you look around, there are lots of examples. Even what I am doing right now is getting inspired from two of my fellow mates. And think what if the people you look forward to, appreciates your work. You will be proud of yourself and it’ll give you immense pleasure.

All you need is a start. Once you commence your journey, everything will come up on its own. You just need to be careful and work harder and harder. Take risks, maybe you’ll fail or you succeed doesn’t matter, it will help you learn more and better. Let people laugh on you, but don’t let yourself down and continue with all the good work and no one can stop you.

But all you need is a start!!

Hope you liked it and at last I would say that don’t resist yourself thinking of the outcomes. Make a list and start working on it, achieve them. Then make another one but don’t stop. You are not immortal, do all crazy stuff you had planned.